Used car shopping. 4 Things to remember when buying a used car

Used Car Shopping

Car shopping can be filled with all kinds of emotions. So here are 4 things to remember when buying a used car.

1-Look for salvaged vehicle sticker on the driver door jamb. If the vehicle was salvaged and re-titled. There will be a sticker on the driver’s door jamb, usually on the body side. A salvaged vehicle is not a bad thing in itself. But a salvaged vehicle could have hidden issues, So buyer beware.

2- Rust, I know we are spoiled here in Eastern Washington. We don’t have rust like most of the other parts of the country. But it can be problematic when servicing certain under-car items.

3-Show me the car fax! As mentioned in many other articles this will not show all, but it can reveal hints of the car’s past.

4-Have it inspected. Again like all other posts, this is probably the most important step. Ideally, you want an Auto Repair facility to perform the inspection. They are trained to spot issues present and potentially future. Ask them to get you a prioritized list then you can make an informed buying decision. Even if you have a friend that is mechanically inclined take a look. A second set of eyes is always a good thing.  Check out this blog about Pre-Purchase Inspections.

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