Car Leaking?

Car Leaking?

Car leaking?

There are 4-10 things on your vehicle that can cause a drip on the ground. One of them, dripping is normal. Keep reading to find out which one.

Any leak that causes fluid level to drop is not good. I rank leaks by drips and puddles. Also, are the drips steadily flowing? or Dripping only after the car is off? Steady, flowing leaks need to be addressed immediately!! Drips after it is shut off? Well, they will give you a little more time to make plans for repair.

Either way, if you see drips or leaks under your car, call your auto repair shop and have them pinpoint the source. Then you can make a plan from there.

Oh yeah, the leak that’s ok! When you run the AC in the summer it creates condensation. That condensation (water) will drip on the ground. Usually under the passenger side front of the vehicle. If you have rear AC then it could drip, there as well. One more leak popped into my head. The exhaust creates condensation and can drip too.

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