Fuel injection cleaning

Fuel injection is just as it sounds. The pressurized fuel is injected or sprayed into the intake or cylinders at the precise moment for the Big Bang!! Yes, you are on the right blog I am talking about a car engine. Sometimes this system can get gummed or clogged with debris or deposits from contaminated fuel that the filter does not stop. When this happens, you may have noticed low power or low fuel economy. To combat this, most gasoline manufactures mix additive packages into there fuel to help minimize these deposits. Alas deposits happen,hence the multitude of cleaning products out there.

Parts stores shelves are full of different products all claiming to be better than the rest. Not to mention all the infomercials and late-night TV ads. All of these off the shelf products are designed to mix with the fuel in your vehicle. Then as the fuel travels through the pump, lines and injectors it will break down those deposits and allow them to be burned up in the engine. One issue I have with this is, while these products clean well they are diluted. The best way we have found is to connect directly into your vehicles fuel system and run a cleaner from a machine through the fuel injection system that will break down these deposits more effectively.

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