Loose Connection

Electrical Wires or Cables in your Car are very important. They help move electricity between the Battery and the Electrical Parts. Like your Windows, Seats, Radio, Air Conditioning, etc. Some of the wires are very small because the current or load of the circuit is small. The smallest Wires usually are the Communication Lines. Think of what you did as a kid. Connect 2 tin cans together with a piece of string so you could talk to each other through them. The Communication lines help the different modules of your Car “talk” to each other. The big Cables carry more load so they have to be bigger. One major failure of Electrical Parts is loose connections. Loose connections mean the electricity has to work harder to move, creating heat. As you can see by the pictures there was a lot of heat at this connection. So much it even melted the wires. If you experience strange electrical issues in your Car, it could be a loose connection. So before this happens to your wires. Make an appointment to get it checked out right away.

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