Spark Plug Thread Repair

Spark plug thread repair is not needed that often but I had to share. This Spark Plug came out of an engine that had the Threads Repaired, well…. tried to repair!!

I am all for trying to perform Auto Repair yourself. There can be a certain satisfaction of completing a task. Knowing you were able to do what Auto Mechanics or Technicians do!! Sometimes there are things better left to the professionals.

One of them is Thread Repair. Whether it is a bolt or a Spark Plug. There are steps that need to be taken to ensure a quality job. As you can see in the photos, this one did not go according to plan. It also had some Internal Engine issues as well but that’s another seminar…

Want to try it yourself? I wish you the best. Follow the proper steps and you will be successful. But if you find it a little too much. Give us a call, we can help!!

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