Why do cars breakdown?

Much of the time, cars breakdown due to a lack of regular maintenance

So, can I help prevent breakdowns?

Yes you can! Here’s how:

    • Bring your car in for regular inspections
    • Adhere to your car’s maintenance schedule
    • What services should be done to help avoid unnecessary problems?
    • Flush transmission fluid & replace filter
    • Inspect braking system & replace brake fluid
    • Flush cooling system
    • Replace power steering fluid
    • Inspect belts & hoses
    • Replace timing belt when due

When should regular preventative maintenance be performed?

*  Check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance.

*  Ask us! We have factory recommended service schedules for all makes & models!

*  Don’t waste time & money on preventable breakdowns! At Meyers Auto Tech we’ll help to keep your driving trouble free!

Armed with this information, contact us and we’ll be able to diagnose your car’s problem. We’ll present you with your repair options so you can make an informed decision.


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