Why does my car battery keep dying?

Here are a couple of reasons why My Car Battery Keeps Dying. The first could be the Car is not driven long enough. Another reason could be something was left on. Your Car Battery will drain slightly every time you start it. If you only drive short trips, 10 minutes or less, the Battery does not have enough time to charge back up. My advice, if you only drive short trips. Take your Car on a 30-40 min drive 2-3 times a month. This will allow the Battery more time to charge. Meanwhile allowing the engine to get to full operating temp and the fluids to circulate. If something like lights or a phone charger got left on, well turn it off…. Sometimes there are other modules that will drain Batteries too. But that is something that will take longer to explain. So give us or your local Auto Repair professional a call and we can help!!

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