Diesel Long Crank

Diesel truck with a long crank?
We have a truck in here that has a long crank after is sits for an extended period of time. It happens to be a 2005 Dodge pickup with a 5.9 liter 24 valve Cummins with a common rail injection system. We first noticed several of the injector feed tubes are wet with fuel. Next we checked the fuel lift pump volume and pressure, it was low on pressure and volume. Also the pressure would drop back to zero very quickly, indicating a failed check valve in the lift pump. Next we performed a fuel return test for the injectors and fuel rail which revealed the return rates are in spec but on the high side. Conclusion, the truck needs a lift pump to get the proper amount of fuel to the high pressure injection pump but it also needs the injector tubes removed, resealed and torqued to stop the leak and lower the fuel return rate. Oh by the way, replace all gaskets that come off during any job and don’t forget the one under the heater as well!!!!
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