My Light Bulbs Just Wont Work!!!!

Ever find yourself wondering why a light bulb on your vehicle still does not work even after you replaced it? Yes it could be a bad bulb and the parts store, no matter how helpful they are if you bring back 3 bulbs saying “This one is bad too” It is not the bulbs fault. It could be Poor Contact or a Poor Solder joint connection. We had a truck in here that the customer recently converted all the exterior lights to LED’s after we had aimed the headlights now the right turn signal would flash fast. We found the heat sink for the LED conversion had a small amount of solder holding the wire to a heat sink that came with the conversion kit. Our Tech found the issue by wiggling all the wires near the suspect area and felt the wire was loose, even though there heat shrink on it from the factory. So….. You can go through a whole box of bulbs but if you have poor contact or poor connections at your light sockets the lights will not work properly!

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